God has provided us with a “permanent” home. Through a series of providential leadings, Do was able to see a property near the small town of Quebrada León that met all the requirements of all that we needed, and much more. He had been fervently praying that before rainy season came we would be able to move due to the terrible condition of the road to our rental.

There is a river running on the border of the property, and a spring-fed stream that runs through the middle of the property. There are flat areas for planting, as well as some hills and mountains on either side. There was a large four-bedroom house, a caretakers house, and a chicken coop already there.

A Bolivian friend of ours offered to help with the paperwork and purchase of the property, and the sale went through quickly and smoothly. We have spent the last two weeks packing up, moving out of Espejillos, and settling into the new place in Quebrada León. The students have had good attitiudes and a great help in cleaning up, repainting, fixing up the new place, and packing up and moving out of Espejillos.

We have seven mature mango trees right around the house, five avocado trees, as well as orange, mandarine, and grapefruit. It is the beginning of mango season, and we are already getting more than we can eat. We retained the former caretaker of the property, and he has been introducing us to people in the neighborhood and helping us learn how the community functions, and bringing us gifts of fresh fruits and vegetables almost every day. God is so good and has provided abundantly. It just took patience to wait for His timing and place.

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