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They Just Knew

Dosung and Anita Kim knew God had plans for the program they were starting in an abandoned hotel they bought in Espejillos, near Santa Cruz, Bolivia. How did they know? Because there were so many obstacles.
For two years, they had been talking with Wildwood’s LIGHT team about presenting a program in Bolivia. Finally, all the plans had come together and an abbreviated program was planned that would include four hours each afternoon in Cochabamba, two hours each evening in Santa Cruz, and a full eight-hour-a-day, month-long program in Espejillos.
The LIGHT teachers soon arrived and spent the weekend at the Espejillos campus before separating to their assigned sites. On Sabbath, it was raining, and the group discussed whether or not to attend church in Santa Cruz. The 17-kilometer dirt road could be very slippery, and there was a river to cross before reaching the main road. Deciding to brave the elements, the group piled into a yellow 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser and a more comfortable Toyota 4Runner.
On the way out, it seemed the vehicles spent more time going sideways than straight ahead. Soon they came to a slippery bridge with no siderails. The Land Cruiser crossed first with some difficulty. Next came the 4Runner carrying the entire LIGHT team. Anita Kim, who had crossed in the Land Cruiser, watched helplessly through the back window as the 4Runner slid, then tipped in slow motion and disappeared upside down over the edge of the bridge.
God, how can you let this happen? she thought. Especially with the whole team from LIGHT in that car!
“I was afraid to go look, but realized they would need help and that I had to go,” she says. So she jumped out of the Land Cruiser and ran back with the others to survey the damage.
To everyone’s surprise, the 4Runner was sitting right-side-up at the bottom of the arroyo (stream bed). It had rolled over once and fallen about 15 feet to the bottom. All the passengers had already gotten out and were climbing up the banks to the road. There was no blood, no broken bones, not even broken glass. The 4Runner had bumped into a log on the way down that softened the impact of the fall and caused it to land on all four tires. The group began immediately to praise God for His protection.
The LIGHT programs went on as planned, generating huge interest in the health and advent message among the local Adventists, as well as some non-Adventists who participated. More than 60 graduated from the two Santa Cruz programs, and 21 graduated from Espejillos. The program was the first of its kind in Bolivia. It was also the first time a self-supporting ministry worked in that capacity with the local organized church.
“This was the culmination of two years of praying,” says Anita. “No matter what we had to go through to get this program here to Bolivia, in the end it was all worth it. God is good indeed.
Dosung and Anita Kim are new ASI members and serve with their sons, Ben, Ryan and Justin, near Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Download the Summer 2011 issue of Inside ASI magazine to read “He Must Increase,” another inspiring story from their ministry site.

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